All our alpacas are double registered and come from ribbon winning champions, with great conformation and very fine fleece.

Please contact us if you desire more information or would like to see our alpacas.

Meet Our Females

Gypsy Gold

Gypsy Gold
CLRC: 38333
ARI: 31524247
Birthdate: June 10, 2009
Sire: DLH Alex's Jester
Dam: SCA Giselle
Colour: Fawn
Fibre Stats: 20.8µ, SD 4.9µ, CV 23.6% >30µ 3.5%

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Description: Gypsy is a calm and friendly maiden that is already showing leadership amongst her peers. Her conformation is excellent and is filling out and will be a “prize-winning” maiden, in time for her first cria. Sired by award winning heritage we look forward to Gypsy’s cria adding colour to our herd.

Micayla Gold

CLRC: 36742 H
ARI: 31524346
Birthdate: June 10, 2008
Sire: Silver Cloud Armani
Dam: SCA Madison
Colour: White
Fibre Stats: 2010: 21.8µ, SD 4.8µ, CV 21.9%
SF 16.5µ,Fibres Greater 4.6%

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Description: This gorgeous white female comes from award winning stock. Bred to our bay black, we are pleased with the arrival of a beautiful dark brown female (Calliope Gold).

Guinevere Gold

CLRC: 36741 H
ARI: 31524339
Birthdate: June 13, 2008
Sire: AH Patronne
Dam: SCA Giselle
Colour: Fawn
Fibre Stats: 2010: 19.8µ, SD 4.7µ, CV 23.5%
SF 18.5µ, CF 98.6%
Fibres Greater 2.9%

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Description: A beautiful fawn ribbon-winner bred to Canadian Comfort Farm’s select herdsire. She has perfect conformation with extremely dense fleece and lots of crimp. Next year’s cria is assured to be a “prize winner".

Gabriella Gold

CLRC: 35291 H
ARI: 31185974
Birthdate: June 25, 2007
Sire: Qolmesa Archemides
Dam: SCA Giselle
Colour: White
Fibre Stats: 2010: 24.0µ, SD 5.0µ, CV 21.0%
Fibres Greater 1.7%

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Description: Gabriella’s new cria is a beautiful dark brown little girl, matching her dad (RR Imagine)…welcome Butterscotch Gold. She is an excellent milk producer and very attentive to her energetic cria. Gabriella has been bred to Comfort Farm’s prize winning herdsires. We will enjoy Butterscotch as she grows to an equally productive mother in our herd.

SCA Madison

CLRC: 27144 H
ARI: 848537
Birthdate: Oct. 3, 2002
Sire: WRA Peruvian Sancho
Dam: HCLA Mackenzie
Colour: White
Fibre Stats: 2010: 32.1µ, SD 5.3µ, CV 16.5%
Fibres Greater 60.1%

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Description: Madison has been bred for a September cria and will be bred to Abby Road PRFA. An attentive mother with stately conformation and dense fleece has always been passed on to her crias. We look forward to the Orangeville show to bring the new comers to the show ring.