About Gold Star Alpacas

Our interest began in 2003, with a visit to a Brantford alpaca farm where we were welcomed to look at everything alpaca farming, had to offer. Skeptical is mild, describing the feeling that Rick had. Because of his Engineering background and a firm upbringing in “show-me” mentality, he had always believed ‘anything that looks too good to be true, probably is’, and he would find it. With question after question being answered and the farm owners polite demeanor and enthusiastic energy, his fears were slowly disappearing. Jerra’s interest, on the other hand, was ‘let’s do it’, from the beginning. She had left the managerial world of retail sales and decided that self-employment was a preferred direction with ‘no boss’ or punch clock to dictate her life-choices.

That first farm visit led to another visit where an energetic farm Manager gave us the Royal tour of a well-established leader in the Ontario organization. Rick’s resistance was weakening to the point of seeing the alpaca business as one worth considering. Jerra’s encouragement for more participation in the organization was ‘bearing fruit’. The visits led to attendance at the 2005 spring show in Orangeville and we’ve never looked back from that point.

This is a viable opportunity for retirement income while doing something that we love.


We researched farms in Ontario and Quebec, forming new friendships and attending many educational seminars.

We sold the house in town and after much searching, finally found a farm that would accommodate our needs.

It is an older place, but it has a barn and other out buildings. We knew it would need renovations, so we prioritized — get the barn and fencing done. Everything else could wait.

We found the animals that would be our foundation herd and purchased them. For about 6 months we visited our new herd in Kingston.

Finally, with the fencing in place and barn brought back to usefulness we brought our alpacas home.

Our new Farm Store had its Grand Opening on November 2008, and hosts a wide range of both Canadian and Peruvian fashion-wear. Store is open daily from 10:00am to 4:00pm, just call (519) 866-3790 or email rander6@amtelecom.net to make sure we are home. Visit our home store at 12062 Plank Road, 1.3km north of Eden, ON to shop or learn more about the animals and the industry.